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My journey into interior design began as a child growing up in Chelsea, where I would often find myself gazing into the windows of other people’s homes, captivated by their designs, or imagining ways to improve them. This fascination led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Interior and Spatial Design.

After graduating, I took on a role as a project coordinator for a prestigious wood flooring showroom. Through this experience, I not only honed my project management skills as I navigated interactions with all stakeholders, but it taught me a great deal about different species of wood, finishes, and installation techniques, and it opened my eyes to the vast world of creativity and art that I never truly explored before.

With this newfound knowledge and passion, I decided to take my love for home décor and interior design to the next level. My vision is to create beautiful and stylish homes that are also functional and comfortable, and I am committed to ensuring that every project we work on is a valuable investment for you and your loved ones.

Abir Cooper
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